7 Tiny Things That Massively Boost Your Health, Expert Reveals — Eat This Not That

7 Tiny Things That Massively Boost Your Health, Expert Reveals — Eat This Not That

Achieving great health is easier than you may think. As a matter of fact, there are several things you can do—that have absolutely nothing to do with diet or exercise—that can seriously upgrade your well-being. They're easy, they're free, and they make a huge impact instantly. Give these tiny things to massively boost your health a shot. Keep reading to learn more, and get ready for your mind and body wellness to soar!

Research shows that happy people live longer, have fewer illnesses, and can overcome life's challenges better. It's not about pretending everything is great when it isn't; it's about having a positive outlook and doing things that bring you joy. Spend time with people who put a smile on your face, do activities where you help others, and see the good in the world. It all adds up.

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Gratitude offers tremendous benefits for your physical and mental health, according to research. So kick off your gratitude journey today by keeping a gratitude journal. Every night before bed, write a few things you're most thankful for about that day and why. Also, take time to thank the people in your life who've helped you—not only does it feel good, but they'll also really appreciate it.

We all know how damaging stress is to our bodies, health, mental health, and more. To relieve that tension, spend a few minutes doing a daily mindfulness practice. Whether that's mediation, taking a walk, or reading a book, finding time to be silent and alone with your thoughts can do wonders.

In a study spanning almost 80 years from Harvard University, researchers found that the number one factor for your health and happiness is your relationships. It's not about the quantity of friends you keep in your corner; it's all about quality. Have close friends who bring joy to your life, support you when times are tough, and bring out the best in you. Your body will thank you.

While the dangers of excessive sun are well known, our bodies still need some sunlight—just make sure you butter up in some sunscreen! A few minutes a day of natural sunlight on your skin can help you get the Vitamin D you need for stronger bones, better sleep, and healthy hormonal production (via Environmental Health Perspectives).

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The average American spends over five hours a day on their smartphone. But according to a mini review published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, too much phone time is linked to everything from increased stress, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and more.

Life happens outside of a screen. Live your life. Be in the moment. Do things without having to take selfies or post IG stories. Be present with your family and friends. Start spending less time on your devices, and you'll reap the benefits.

According to the Canadian Lung Association, we breathe around 22,000 times every single day. It's something that comes second nature, yet many people breathe incorrectly by lifting their shoulders and chest toward the sky. This leads to very shallow breaths and tense, tight muscles.

In order to breathe properly, start breathing in through your nose. Next, focus on breathing into your belly and ribcage, which is a lot more efficient. By resetting your breathing patterns, you can seriously help relieve stress, boost your energy, and totally improve your mood.

Now that you have these pro tips to massively boost your health on deck, it's time to put them to good use. Get ready to live your best, healthiest life, starting as soon as possible.

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