How To Travel This Year, According to Your Zodiac Sign | Well+Good

How To Travel This Year, According to Your Zodiac Sign | Well+Good

While planning, it's also worth considering the specific celestial transits happening throughout the rest of this year, which could play a role in making travel either smooth-sailing or, well, extra-choppy during those periods of time. Because these different planetary movements will affect the signs in different ways as they occur, figuring out how to travel based on your zodiac sign may include determining precisely when to do so, too.

Below, Ryan Marquardt, astrologer for The SoulUnity, breaks down each zodiac sign's ideal type of trip based on their classic traits, and shares the best time for travel, too, given the upcoming cosmic milieu.

Fiery Aries is no stranger to action and adventure in their home life, and will crave the same (or, perhaps, even more) excitement from a trip. To up the thrill factor, Marquardt suggests flying solo: "While you can travel well with family and friends, your loved ones can also smother your secret travel power: the ability to fundamentally evolve by meeting new people in new places."

Because Sagittarius rules over your ninth house of travel, consider planning a vacation for when the Sag energy is strongest—when the sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, or even better, when both the sun and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius on November 28.

Sensuous Taurus appreciates the finer things in life, leading them toward travel itineraries of deeply sensational value, like eating a five-star meal in Paris or summiting a mountain in Hawaii, says Marquardt. "You may have strong opinions on what to do and where to go, and it's possible your trips skew on the pricier side, but any travel companions will likely appreciate your thoughtful planning and top-tier taste," he says.

That said, it wouldn't be wise to do too much traveling around the holidays, if you can spare it, Taurus. "Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde on December 20 in your exploration zone, which could bring trouble until it stations direct on January 29, 2022," says Marquardt.

Gemini, gather your troupes: You travel best in a pack of your closest friends or family members and prefer itineraries that are social rather than tranquil, says Marquardt. Thanks to your affinity for variety, you'll also do well on a trip that's far-flung rather than near to home (aka somewhere far enough to require a flight) and that includes several destinations, whether that means hotel-hopping in one place or hitting a few different cities.

Given that structure-oriented Saturn is currently retrograde in your ninth house of travel, however, it'd be best to hold off on traveling until it goes direct on October 12.

Set your sights on any place where you can immerse yourself with the locals or feel otherwise at home in your surroundings. "You prefer to travel with a purpose and like to mirror the cultures you encounter when possible," says Marquardt. In another vein, you also may enjoy visiting a wellness retreat or a natural hideaway with spiritual history, which can bring a welcome sense of respite, given your emotions-driven nature. Even so, you prefer to take any journey alongside loved ones with whom you can revel in the experience.

Now that Jupiter has retrograded out of Pisces—and your travel sector—travel may be fraught for the rest of this year for you. That said, you have great energy for envisioning and planning the vacation of your dreams at the moment, adds Marquardt.

"Leos want to go wherever few have gone before," says Marquardt. So, if you're a Leo, it's very well possible that you're already jetting off to some lesser-known island or remote jungle locale. And currently, the cosmos are aligned for an ideal trip. Mars, the ruler of your ninth house of travel, is in methodical Virgo (until September 16), granting you more energy than usual to outline and execute an exciting vacation. Bring a few free-spirited friends along with you to make the most of the trip.

You're probably all set for this year's excursions, Virgo, given travel planning comes naturally to you. "Virgos do get teased for being too detail-oriented, but they're also some of the best travel companions because they relax when they get out of their usual routines," says Marquardt. The best trip for you will be one of multi-sensory experiences: You'll seek out local food and music, and the ability to enjoy it with good company and meaningful conversation.

Starting August 21, Uranus will be retrograde in your travel zone, making it possible that a previously stunted travel plan becomes viable again. You should have no issues planning a trip from now until mid-December, at which point travel becomes dicey, due to the push-pull energy of Saturn-square-Uranus.

Ever the romantic, Venus-ruled Libra loves a starlit getaway with their partner—but can also dance all night with friends in a big city. "You're social by nature and crave a memorable nightlife scene," says Marquardt. In fact, you may not mind it if you end up coming home exhausted or unprepared for work the next day. After all, vacations are about new experiences for you, not necessarily relaxation.

Venus in Libra forming a harmonious trine to Saturn in Aquarius makes August 23 an exceptional day for you to travel or book a trip. Otherwise, avoid doing so from September 27 to October 18 because Mercury will retrograde in Libra during that time, upping the potential for travel mishaps or delays.

Scorpios tend to research the heck out of any destination before booking. "Safety is key for a Scorpio on the move," says Marquardt, "so they like to make sure all the reviews are positive, and they're being smart about their finances along the way."

In general, you'll thrive by the water, whether in a lake house, at the beach, or on a boat (thanks to your strong water-sign qualities), and you'll be most comfortable traveling with people you trust deeply. From now through November, you should encounter no problems doing just that—but afterward, we enter another eclipse season, and with the moon ruling over your ninth house of travel, undesirable unpredictability may surface at that point.

You're the traveler extraordinaire, Sagittarius. With an ever-growing bucket list, you rarely need recommendations on where to go or what to do. Typically, you seek out larger-than-life vacations—for example, opting to backpack through Europe. "You have a powerful confidence even when you're immersed in unfamiliar locales," says Marquardt.

Because Jupiter is currently transiting in your third house of short-distance travel, however, you'll have an easier time with trips closer to home at the moment.

Capricorns appreciate a learning excursion, or any trip that activates the mind or higher intellect. "They love to sink their teeth into the rich history of any place they visit through educational activities like going to museums or ancient ruins," says Marquardt. To that end, they also don't like having their time wasted—and if you're a Cap, you may very well be known to get fussy over the specifics of an agenda.

Because Mercury and Mars meet up in well-organized Virgo around August 19, you could feel a particular gust of travel-planning energy on that date.

Eccentric Aquarius seeks out the new and different on any trip they take. If they're from a beach town, for example, you won't find them vacationing on an island, and if they're from the mountains, they're not bound to choose hiking while traveling. "Aquarius is not afraid to do the weird or unusual, and tends to be on the cutting edge, too, visiting the soon-to-be-hyped hotel or restaurant before it's cool," says Marquardt.

If this is you, you've likely traveled this year or feel the urge to do so: Jupiter has been and continues to remain in your sign, sending big travel energy your way. Just avoid planning a trip for mid-December, when your two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, will be in a direct, oppositional square.

Like your element of water, Pisces, you are a go-with-the-flow traveler—which can make you an indecisive planner, too. "If you try too hard to control the trip, you'll feel let down should things go amiss," says Marquardt. As such, you'll travel best alongside loyal companions who help sort out the logistics and necessities, while leaving the rest of the itinerary flexible for spontaneity. Given your mystical, dreamy energy, you'll particularly enjoy exploring the world's depths—whether literally, via scuba-diving, or figuratively, perhaps by uncovering untouched landscapes on a hike.

The cosmos generally supports travel for Pisces throughout the rest of the year, though Mercury and Mars meeting in Scorpio on November 10 could present a chance travel opportunity, adds Marquardt, perhaps through an invitation from a friend.

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