Why Is Even Good Change Sometimes So Hard?

Why Is Even Good Change Sometimes So Hard?

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Even good change can be hard. To feel things like stress, anxiety, and depression in the wake of any change makes sense. After all, people need routine for optimum mental health and wellbeing. When change disrupts the life pattern we're accustomed to, we feel it physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. (Take our online stress test.) But is this okay, or does it mean there's something wrong with us for being so upset and out-of-sorts even when change is good?

Events such as a new job, a move, the birth of a baby, or a child becoming an adult are, in many cases, wonderful life events. But despite the fact that they can be joyful, they can bring upheaval and distress. Positive change can feel negative because the stress wreaks havoc on our mental health. It can make existing mental illness worse, and it can lead to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorder in people who are susceptible to these conditions. When struggling with either good change or difficult change, reaching out to a therapist can help. Chatting openly with a therapist can help people shift perspective and develop strategies for coping with the change.

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