Find The Right Herbal Course For You With This Herbal Academy Course Comparison Chart!

Find The Right Herbal Course For You With This Herbal Academy Course Comparison Chart!

There is one week left during back to school season, so it’s decision time!Which Academy course is right for you?

Deciding on a course can feel like a difficult choice, but it doesn’t have to be! We are here to help you find the best program fit for your educational needs.

In this post, we are excited to share auseful visual Course Comparison Guideto help you easily see what each of our foundational programs has to offer. Plus you will also discover how these programs work into the bundled Path Packages offered here at the Academy. This guide will show you what is covered in each course to help you pinpoint the perfect course or path for you!

Our foundational courses are designed toassist students in building strong roots in their herbal knowledge — each building one upon another. Starting with the Introductory Course, moving through the Intermediate Course on to the Advanced and Entrepreneur Courses —each course helps students to grow in the direction of their goals. As a student, you can start where you are in theses course, choosing the course that best fits previous experience and your goals.

This course is perfect for beginner herbalist! The Introductory Herbal Course will help you discover the basics of herbalism as you learn concepts, how-tos, discover how to integrate herbs into your life, and get your hands “dirty” with plenty of recipes and activities. Learn more about theIntroductory Herbal Course here.

Building on the basics found in the Introductory Herbal Course, this course delves deep into body systems and physiology plus herbal actions, energetics, safety and side effects, and guidance for herbal therapeutics and herbal formulation, and more. Students are encouraged to build their herb cabinet with recipes for each of the Units that comprise this course. Discover theIntermediate Herbal Course here!

This program is designed to prepare students to run a small herbal products business with instruction from herbalists who have begun their own successful businesses! Discover how to make herbal preparations with ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials, and learn how to package and market these products as well.Click hereto find out more about how the Business Herbal Course can help you achieve your goals!

As our most rigorous offering, the Advanced Herbal Course is designed to support the educational standard required for those interested in becoming a professional clinical herbalist. The curriculum will solidify your knowledge base and encourage critical thinking skills.Visit hereto discover all that the Advanced Herbal Course has to offer within the 14 Units that comprise this exciting and challenging course.

We’ve even created an Herbal Academy Course Comparison Chart to show side-by-side comparisons of our courses to help you better decide which course is the right herbal course for you.

We have several Short Courses here at the Academy. These courses are designed to help studentsfocus deeply on learning about a particular topic or honing a specialized herbal skill. Short courses are filled with enjoyable hands-on exercises, beautiful graphics and pictures, and lots of information!

We hope the Course Comparison Guide will help to answer your questions about course selection and ensure that your feet are set on the right path for you.

Sign-up before September 18th totake advantage of this wonderful saleand join us for a fun and exciting school year filled with learning!

You can learn more about all the courses we offer right here.

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