Navigating Immune Support for Kids

Navigating Immune Support for Kids

We all know the drill – daycare, play dates, back to school, rolling in the dirt. Kid's delicate little immune systems are hard at work on a regular basis. At WishGarden we have been supporting healthy families for over 43 years, and our children's formulas are a staple in many natural medicine cabinets. Our kids' line is carefully crafted with herbs that are unique to kids' needs and gentle little bodies. In our children's immunity line-up, we offer fantastic remedies to have on hand for all the different ways kids get sniffly, sneezy and sick.  Follow this simple guide to navigate the options and nurture your family during cold & flu season. 

Help little ones build and maintain strong immunity with this everyday strengthening formula. This is truly food as medicine – herbs that nourish kids with the nutrients and plant constituents they need for better health. In addition to a healthy diet, nutritive herbs help fortify your kids with the strongest possible immune systems! This formula is appropriate to take on a daily and longer-term basis and is extra beneficial before and during back-to-school time and in the winter cold & flu season.

This is the kid's version of our signature formula, Kick Ass Immune. Kick It Immune for kids is loved by families to support their little ones at the first signs of sniffles or when a mild cold has set in. This blend of herbs helps to stimulate an immune response, support lymphatic movement, stop whatever is oncoming from getting worse and helps get kids better fast. Start this formula as close to the onset of symptoms as possible!

This is your big guns remedy for anything nature throws at you. When symptoms get acute and nothing else seems to work or when you need to support kids with a healthy viral or microbial balance, Kick-It Biotic to the rescue! Pack this formula whenever the family leaves home. Whether it's a camping trip or a beach vacation, you'll be glad to have it on hand so fun times aren't derailed by bugs and germs.

This formula is aptly named because it's so good at helping kids when coughs are present as a nagging symptom. Wild cherry is a trusty friend to take the lead, breaking up the gunk and helping move out the cough. Horehound provides soothing while red root goes deeper to support the lungs and facilitate the deeper dislodging. This formula may also be a great choice when a cold gets 'stuck' and a kid needs help getting over it.

This formula is your gentle symptom soother for the sniffles. When your kids are in the throws of the discomforts of a cold, this is your go-to reliever. It provides support for stuffed up or runny noses, coughs and congestion, and for a healthy fever response. No parent wants to see their kid struggling and Cold Seasons can be a trusted ally for soothing the discomforts quickly.

Serving instructions: These formulas are appropriate for kids of all ages, including infants. Adjust the serving amount based on weight and age. For an infant, start with just a few drops as needed. When kids are over one year, you'll start using full dropper, building to 2-3 full squeezes of the dropper as kids grow. For most of these formulas you'll give a serving every few hours until symptoms subside. Always follow instructions on the bottle.

Pro Tip: If your kids have a hard time with the taste of herbal remedies, add them to tea, juice, smoothies, broth or soup.

We recommend using our kids' formulas until about age 12 and then transitioning into adult remedies. You can always use your discretion and consult your practitioner if you feel your kids are ready for adult formulas sooner!

Jamie McKeown has a BA in Film & Communications from the University of Michigan. She has studied holistic nutrition and natural healing for over 15 years. She is a Certified Health Coach and Herbalist and Head of Education for WishGarden.

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