Valentine’s Day, The Herbal Way: Herbs, Gifts, Treats, and Unlocking Pleasure With Aphrodisiacs

Valentine’s Day, The Herbal Way: Herbs, Gifts, Treats, and Unlocking Pleasure With Aphrodisiacs

Picture Valentine’s Day, the herbal way! This holiday embraces, and often evokes, a powerful feeling— love. Sharing how we feel about others and ourselves, and tying that all together with a pretty herbal bow, is just how we like to do things. We have pulled together ideas for an herbal Valentine’s Day that will help you uniquely express your feelings on this special occasion.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, many charming images come to mind. Hearts, chocolate, roses, and pink and red color schemes, just to name a few. Let’s add a few more associations to that list, but make them HERBS! Enhance your senses of love, happiness, and that overall feel-good feeling with these herbs below. 

Tranquility, love, and contentment are some of the emotions triggered when inhaling the beautiful aroma of the humble yet beautiful rose. For thousands of years, roses have been powerful symbols associated with love and beauty. Not only are roses an elegant way to say “I love you,” but they offer extraordinary health benefits, both for our bodies and spirits. If you are looking for fresh ideas on how to use roses, try one (or two or three!) of these: 

Lavender is frequently used via inhalation to soothe frazzled emotions, ease headaches, decrease anxious thoughts, and assist in relaxation. Also known for its aromatic and sweet scent, this herb is a wonderful one to play around with on Valentine’s Day. Here’s an idea for how to use this versatile aromatic: 

Linden opens the emotional and spiritual heart even as it improves cardiovascular circulation.According to herbalist Robin Rose Bennett, linden has a divinely inspired way of opening you to the bliss of your true multidimensional nature—the larger reality we’re all part of.Read more about the gentle linden flower and leaf here: 

Handmade gifts from the heart tend to have a stronger impact than the store-bought variety. The effort and thoughtfulness behind each creation truly is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care. Here are three DIY gifts to make this Valentine’s Day. 

Touch is key to turning up the heat. Starting things off in the bedroom with a sensual massage can really help to get romantic partners tuned into one another. It’s really easy to make a massage oil with oils that you have on hand, but a favorite is a massage oil infused with vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) and roses. It has a beautiful sensual aroma that is sure to delight the romantic within you! 

Warm your winter romance with a solid perfume made from essential oils. Smell has always been a vital part of romance. Aromatic plant molecules, regardless of the extraction process, have been used in perfumes for millennia, and there are many stories of fragrance consciously being used for sexual or romantic attraction. Enhance the mood with this recipe. 

Herbal bath tea makes a wonderful homemade gift. By blending together botanicals known for their nervine effects, this recipe includes chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) flowers and rose petals to combine relaxation with aromatics. 

Whipping up some kitchen goodies that use decadent ingredients like chocolate, cacao, and rose is a perfect act of kindness to share this Valentine’s Day. Infuse desserts with herbal extracts to really bring out the sweet sensual flavor of the holiday.  

When was the last time you heard “decadent, chocolatey, and healthy” all in the same sentence?  Well, here we go—this vegan, healthy chocolate pudding is delicious without any dairy, flour, sugar, cornstarch, or cooking!

Cacao with raspberries, rose, and shatavari(Asparagusracemosus)makes a winning combo. Raspberries and cacao are a delicious pairing, complementing each other perfectly. Plus, shatavari is a favorite herb for enhancing the mood and even supporting fertility. 

Stimulate all five flavor senses with this Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) Berry Syrup recipe: sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and sour. An herbal syrup packed with flavor, beautiful color, a hint of rose, and herbal benefits, this is a perfect treat to create with a loved one!

Herbal aphrodisiacs unlock the power of pleasure. There are herbs to enhance stimulation, sensations, and a state of gratification. This Valentine’s Day, if you haven’t yet immersed yourself into the world of herbal aphrodisiacs, here is your sign!

According to Kotta, Ansari, and Ali, writers of Exploring scientifically proven herbal aphrodisiacs,an aphrodisiac, named after the goddess Aphrodite, is a substance that, when consumed or applied topically to the human body, has the ability to increase libido, potency, or sexual pleasure. Many herbs naturally support our body, mind, and spirit in opening to the pleasures of life—most notably, sexual union with oneself or another.

As we celebrate love and the joy it brings, much like any important event in life, we can turn to herbs to enhance that feeling. A simple, yet powerful, DIY to try this February is an herbal aphrodisiac candle. Turn up the passion and light a fire with this handmade, sensually scented candle. You’re going to love it!

Get ready to discover and celebrate the wonders of sex! You can use herbal allies to enhance sexual function while enjoying heightened expression and pleasurable intimacy. Through this 3-part intensive on herbal aphrodisiacs and sexual health, you’ll learn about the physiological processes that play into your sexual function and gain the understanding of an entirely new approach to using classic botanicals to support and jazz up your sex life. 

There are so many ways to say ‘I love you,’ or show how much you care. The age-old saying “It’s the thought that counts” applies here. We are happy to help shine a light on this lovey-dovey holiday while weaving in the use of herbs to enhance all the feelings this day brings with it. Hand-picked wildflowers, homemade perfume, a delicious herb-infused treat, or simply telling someone how you feel are great ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day! 

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