‘You aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo’: Guardian readers on our climate coverage

‘You aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo’: Guardian readers on our climate coverage

What do you value about our reporting of the climate crisis?

The Guardian’s climate reporting is thorough, factual and well researched. In Australia we hear little of what’s going on in the rest of the world. We are so insular and isolated. I didn’t even realise that the EU had “pushed” EVs as a first choice of car for over 10 years until the other week. Thanks Guardian! Sarah, Adelaide, South Australia

The way you manage to create several articles each day that are all hugely important is always impressive, and I feel that you really are almost a lone voice when it comes to mainstream British media and the real state of the environment. Lorcan Moriarty, Yorkshire, UK

I love that you keep publishing on this topic nearly every day, that you follow the science, and that you know how serious it is to communicate on this and get the science right. Michelle, Queensland, Australia

Even though I live in Italy, I read the Guardian every day especially for the climate coverage. It is very clear to me that the collapse of the Earth is everybody’s problem everywhere. It is also painfully clear to me how few people know or seem to care about this issue, THE most important of all. Amalia Pistilli, Italy

I’m from Germany, and since Putin attacked Ukraine, and especially in the last 1-2 months with the approaching energy crisis, German newspapers and magazines have almost completely ceased covering climate, environmental and biodiversity matters, even liberal and leftwing media have nearly stopped reporting on these issues.

I loved the Guardian’s coverage of the climate, environmental and biodiversity emergencies before that – that’s why I’m a subscriber, but the Guardian has gotten more important to me more than ever now that German media fail to cover these things so egregiously. Stephanie Meyer, Düsseldorf, Germany

I value your commitment to environmental coverage. You are a lonely beacon among your peers but it means a lot to those that care. Mike Lewis, Seattle, US

I’m a climate change researcher and always feel incredibly grateful for the Guardian’s climate reporting to raise awareness of a wide variety of issues. I read some of the climate reporting but not all as I feel quite immersed in the climate world already. An anonymous reader, UK

The fact that it’s there, always and consistently. Moreover it covers a huge range, from small victories (rediscovering useful seeds) to major climate reports. My climate views are summed up by George Monbiot, who I haven’t yet disagreed with despite the gloominess of his truths, so thanks for publishing. Gail, northern Spain

I have the climate crisis and environment sections of the Guardian pinned to the homepage of the app, and I tweet many of the stories. I value the detail, the accuracy, the global reach of these stories, and the investigative journalism that goes into them. It also helps that as well as the bad news, you report good news when there is some to report. Yvonne Aburrow, Canada

I like the fact that you present the views that the majority of climate scientists have & explain it in an easily understandable way. Peter Bosani, Canada

Guardian reporting is more investigative and less afraid to rock the establishment boat than almost all other media. Exposing double-speak and greenwashing are important aspects of climate journalism. Keep up the good work! An anonymous reader, Norway

I value the honesty most of all in your climate coverage. I know that the information I receive has been researched to the best of your ability, and is delivered in a way that educates the reader. Melissa Morris, Texas, US

Brilliant coverage. In-depth and balanced, both in the longer reads and the short news articles. Anita Roy, Somerset, UK

What would you see more of in our climate reporting?

There are so many people out there that have decent ideas and solid proposals that can make a difference. But they have no voice, no podium. I’d like to hear more from them. Ralph Panhuyzen, the Netherlands

Sometimes it’s hard to get a sense of the gravity or understand the statistics behind a story. I’d like to see more interactive, infographic-type stories, to help gain a sense of gravity and scale. Michelle C, Australia

Often climate gets lost in the noise. I would like to see more coverage of practical solutions. Ian Goldman, Vancouver, Canada

I’d love to see more focus on what a reader can do about the crisis in general and/or about the topic referenced in your articles. Laura Bullock, Adelaide, Australia

Your coverage is extensive, and can feel a bit alarmist – but I understand why. You follow the science. Fred MacDougall, US

There is an argument for having something – an article or a statistic – on the front page every day to keep it foremost in people’s minds. An anonymous reader, UK

While I appreciate all your articles, what I really need to read about is what people are doing to improve the situation. The articles about who is doing what to improve things, and of the positive impacts of individuals, and the organizations and technologies providing much-needed hope. Otherwise it can sometimes feel paralyzing. Alia Pirzada, Washington, US

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