45 years of promoting local agriculture products

45 years of promoting local agriculture products

Participating farmers in Kansas have been trademarking their agricultural products “From the Land of Kansas” for 45 years. The program, administered by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, began in 1978 with the purpose of promoting and celebrating agriculture experiences and products grown, raised, or produced in the state.

From the Land of Kansas has grown to include 375 members and farmers’ markets. Businesses span the breadth of the agriculture industry from restaurants and equipment manufacturers to agritourism and breweries.

“I’m very passionate about helping farmers and Kansas businesses succeed and thrive in the agriculture industry,” said Sammy Gleason, marketing manager for From the Land of Kansas. “My dad is a fourth-generation Kansas farmer, which makes the From the Land of Kansas program something I hold close to my heart. I love serving our members, no matter the size of their business; they give me a purpose.”

Basic membership of the program is free. Additional marketing and educational services are tailored to support businesses of all kinds looking to grow.

A map on FromtheLandofKansas.com helps potential customers find Kansas businesses and farmers’ markets across the state. The program also hosts an e-commerce site where members can sell their products online. In honor of the 45th anniversary, there is a limited-edition shirt representing Kansas products for sale.

“It's been the best thing for our business,” said member Christina Blincoe with Sweet Streams Lavender Farm in Bucyrus, Kansas. “We have seen growth from the program every year consistently. We love having the logo on our website because it's an automatic accreditation of our farm. We love the online store to share our products on the website.”

Most recently, the Iowa Legislature authorized the Choose Iowa program in late 2022 and hired Beth Romer as program director. The program is housed within the Iowa Department of Agriculture. A website and other infrastructure will be launched soon, says a department spokesperson.

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture runs the Indiana Grown initiative to promote products “grown or made by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers.” The year old program boasts 1,802 members and 104 members. There is no cost to farmers or ranchers seeking to participate in this program.

Missouri Grown is a program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. “From pears to pork, hundreds of fresh and nutritious products are grown by the men and women of Missouri agriculture,” the state’s website says. There is a $50 annual membership fee for the Missouri Grown program.

Minnesota Grown began more than 35 years ago and offers two membership levels for Minnesota farmers, farmers’ markets, and producers of value-added products that feature ingredients grown in the state. Annual fees, payable to the state’s Department of Agriculture, are $20 or $60. 

Colorado Proud is administered by the state’s Department of Agriculture. The program was started in 1999. Membership is free.

Grow Nebraska is a nonprofit 501c3 providing training and education to Nebraska businesses established in 1998. According to the online directory, there are 40 agriculture, fishing, and forestry members. Basic membership costs $200 per year. Scholarships are available.

SoDak Grown was developed by Dakota Rural Action in 2018. Dakota Rural Action is a grassroots, family agriculture and conservation group that organizes South Dakotans to protect the state’s family farmers and ranchers, natural resources, and unique way of life. SoDak Grown is a free marketing program designed to help consumers, restaurants, and retailers identify and purchase South Dakota food and agricultural products.

Created in 1993, Ohio Proud helps consumers find food and agriculture products from the state. A $50 licensing fee is required to become a partner and gain access to the Ohio Proud logo.

Kentucky Proud was introduced by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in 2002 as a central platform to promote Kentucky’s farms and farm products. Kentucky Proud Membership is free.  

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