12 Daily Journal Prompts to Inspire You and Help You Thrive - Motherhood Life Balance

12 Daily Journal Prompts to Inspire You and Help You Thrive - Motherhood Life Balance

Journaling can help you find peace, clarity and help reduce anxiety, and stress. There are many benefits to journaling and I want to help you find a way to incorporate journaling into your routine.

The journal prompts found in this post will help you if you’re ever feeling unmotivated to journal or need some inspiration.

I often refer to a mindset routine, a mindset routine is a practice that you do every day that helps you have a positive mindset. The things you think play a huge role in how you react to things, how you see things and basically affect your life each and every day.

Having a set of mindset tools like affirmations, practice manifesting, gratitudes and more can help you see the beauty in life and help you reach for the stars and accomplish your goals. I promise you, your wildest dreams are possible.

Have you ever had a day where things just went downhill the second you woke up? Your alarm did not go off, so you woke up late. 

You stepped on a random piece of Lego barefoot, walking into the kitchen. 

You missed your bus or train and left your lunch on the counter at home.

Did you scream in frustration or punch a pillow and still feel like you couldn’t shake that feeling of annoyance? 

Or have you ever had a day where the stars are aligned, and you got that job opportunity you have been dreaming of, your favorite pair of shoes finally went on sale, or you finished the Sunday times crossword puzzle all on your own? 

And when you called all your friends and or family to let them know the great news, no one was around to share in your joy? 

Then you looked over at your bedside table and saw the Journal you had purchased months ago, gathering dust. 

A lightbulb went off in your head. 

You quickly dusted off the Journal and began to write about what you experienced that day. You wrote about how you felt in the moment, how painful that Lego piece was, how ecstatic you were about your new pair of shoes. 

You felt a million times lighter once you stopped writing. 

Finally, you were able to laugh about your horrible day. 

You felt proud about landing that job and realized you didn’t need to share the good news with anyone but yourself. 

Eventually, you would, but it felt nice to hold this good news close to your heart. You celebrated YOU. 

You did what millions of people all over the world do. You journaled.

Journaling is the process of writing down your innermost thoughts and feelings. 

Most people who journal have a specific book they write in or on a designated pad of paper. 

Journaling is profoundly personal and allows the Author to be honest with themselves.

Journaling has many benefits and is used by many to help with anxiety, stress, and more.

There are so many great benefits to journaling. It allows you to free yourself from feelings of disappointment, sadness, grief. 

It enables you to celebrate yourself without feeling shy or embarrassed, or even guilty about your accomplishment. It provides an opportunity to develop ideas, allows you to be creative, and is a safe space for writing anything on your mind. 

It helps to promote positivity in your life, encourages self-talk that builds you up, and enables you to be awesome.  

Keeping a daily journal builds on your writing skills and strengthens your communication ability.

A personal journal strengthens your memory, allows you to relive past experiences and what you learned from those experiences. 

At times this exercise is painful, but it can help to release feelings of resentment, anger, and sadness. 

Journaling in a diary about your personal or professional goals is a great way to keep you on track and hold you accountable. 

It can also help streamline the activities needed to achieve those goals.

Writing in a journal keeps track of your personal development and growth, leading to self-discovery. 

You finally realize that the job you have no longer serves you. 

You recognize that you have outgrown your best friend or significant other. 

Does the toxic family member keep bringing you down instead of building you up? You don’t have time for them anymore. 

Write down all of the steps you’ve taken, the ways you feel, and help journaling guide you in the right direction.

Journaling can inspire you to do more and be more. 

If you wanted to keep a journal but did not know what to write about, journaling prompts can help. 

A journaling prompt is just simply a way to get you started journaling. 

Remember that journaling should never feel stressful or annoying. Journal prompts can help ensure that it is always a positive experience. 

The list of journaling prompts below is a great starting point.

This is one of my favorite ways to journal. 

When thinking about what to write in your Journal, why not write about what you are thankful for. 

It doesn’t always have to be the same thing. It can simply be that you are grateful that you got a great night’s sleep. You are thankful for the coffee your partner made you. You are grateful for the time you had to practice yoga. 

You are grateful for that friend, family member, spouse, or child that made you laugh, giving you words of encouragement, or that is a shoulder to cry on. 

A gratitude journal can also be in the form of a letter to yourself, a way to show gratitude for taking care of your own needs first. 

Thank yourself for committing to a healthy lifestyle because you know the benefits are so great—showing appreciation of yourself for keeping your cool when dealing with a stressful situation.

There are so many reasons, things, experiences to be grateful for. 

Starting each day writing even just one thing you are grateful down will change your day’s perspective. 

I am capable of doing great things. 

I am where the universe wants me to be. 

I am successful. I am great at my job. 

See where I am going with this? 

I am affirmations written in your Journal is a beautiful way to make you feel what you have written. 

This is an excellent writing prompt for children too. 

Our children face many more challenges than children in the past. 

With the advent of social media, bullying, self-esteem concerns, and addictive behaviors are only a few things that can affect children negatively. 

Buy promoting I am affirmation with them, even if they cannot write, builds a strong foundation of self-worth in our kids. 

If you are looking to make healthy changes to your lifestyle, such as adding in physical activity or committing to adding more vegetables to your diet, jotting this down in a journal is a great way to keep you on track. 

From a physical activity perspective, it can help to motivate you to keep progressing with your workouts, walks, or runs. 

For example, it may help push you to add a heavier weight, walk an extra mile or run a bit faster.

When journaling about food, you may start to recognize areas in your diet that need tweaking, or you may begin to realize that you have an unhealthy relationship with food. 

Why not write a letter to your body, thanking it for its strength and power and for keeping you standing upright when so much around can bring you down? 

Thank it for surviving an illness or bringing a child into this world. 

Our bodies are so incredible, and we tend to treat them poorly. 

Writing a letter like this in your Journal is a great way to turn around negative feelings towards your body, and perhaps it can be the catalyst for healthy change. 

You have decided that this year, you are going to read 25 books. 

You are going to train for a half marathon.

You will have five thousand saved by the end of the year. 

You will enroll in that yoga teacher certification course you have been eyeing for years. 

You will finally start that blog. 

Those that write goals down in this manner are more likely to achieve those goals than those who only speak of them. 

Having a journal with your goals will also help you look back one day and do some self-reflecting on how far you’ve come. 

Think of this as a bucket list journal with all the goals you want to achieve. Use it as inspiration on where you’re going next. 

As we continue to deal with a world pandemic, the mental health of many of us has suffered. Mental health concerns are more common than ever. 

Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high with everything going on in the world; journaling about how you feel and your mental health journey is a great way to get out your frustrations and have a look at your wellbeing.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings to better understand them is an incredibly positive habit to start. You will uncover ways to help you cope with what you feel, and journaling can prompt you to get professional help if needed. 

Tracking these feelings will help you recognize triggers that make you feel a certain way. Reflecting on these triggers will you learn how to control or avoid them.

Journaling for mental health is a way to let go of negative feelings. In addition, it helps to alleviate stress. Writing in your diary daily can help to calm and clear your mind. 

Putting pen to paper and opening up about your feelings is incredibly powerful. It can change you in ways you never knew were possible. It may open new wounds initially, but you will find ways to heal in the long run. 

So, you see, there are so many incredible benefits to journaling. 

Remember, this is not a task that should be stressful or time-consuming. 

Commit to writing a few minutes twice a week. Look for a journal or diary that is aesthetically pleasing to your eye to encourage you to write. 

Creative writing for kids is a great way to help them with emotions, stress, and process feelings. You can use any of the journaling ideas for your kids or just keep a notebook filled with their short stories and some personal diary entries. 

There are no wrong ideas for writing. If your child loves poetry writing, you can encourage that. Writing prompts for kids can be anything from how they’re feeling, what happened at school today, or about a fun experience or milestone. 

Play a game and go back in time or into the future, brainstorm together on how that would look. Art journaling, doodling, making a list of great story ideas you want to journal about later on. 

We’ve gone through and given you a great list of prompts and some great journaling ideas that you can use to get started on your journaling journey. 

I also wanted to mention that you may not always need a prompt or a writing topic; free writing is also a great way to journal and can help you implement all the prompts mentioned above and give you an all-in-one journal. 

If you ever have writer’s block come back to this list of journaling ideas. 

Write to your future self. 

The best moments of your life. 

Your favorite movie and why.

What do you want to do next year?

Allow yourself time to Journal. Schedule it on your phone or calendar. 

A blank page in your Journal is awaiting. What will you write about today? 

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