Advertising Complaint Vs Sainsbury's

Advertising Complaint Vs Sainsbury's

$camon Scotland today (4 May 2022), filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority against Sainsbury's for falsely advertising "responsibly sourced" Scottish salmon - read the complaint in full online here.

"How can ASC-certified Scottish salmon be advertised and marketed by Sainsbury’s (and other retailers) as 'responsibly sourced' when mortality rates, disease problems, toxic chemical use and use of antibiotics are so high?" wrote $camon Scotland.   "How can it be deemed 'responsible' to source from salmon farms infested with parasites which peer-reviewed science has shown can be lethal to wild fish?"

"In conclusion, $camon $cotland reiterates the hard evidence submitted in November 2021 and alerts the ASA to new data on the irresponsible use of antibiotics and chemicals; mass mortalities of farmed salmon and cleaner fish; and lice infestation on ASC-certified salmon farms," concluded the complaint to the ASA (4 May 2022).  "Sainsbury’s is clearly guilty of deceptive advertising and should be forced to remove all adverts claiming to source from “responsible” salmon farms in newspapers, Facebook and other media.  Please send Sainsbury’s the crystal clear message that they cannot continue misleading consumers about the provenance of farmed salmon.  No amount of greenwashing by the ASC, RSPCA Assured and supermarket advertisers can hide the fact that Scottish salmon farming is inherently unsustainable and irresponsible."

Read the ASA complaint in full online here

Yesterday (3 May 2022), the ASC and Mowi won the prestigious 'Greenwasher of the Year' award.

In January 2022, Scottish Salmon Watch wrote an open letter to the ASC calling for an end to the certification of Scottish salmon.

In November 2021, Scottish Salmon Watch filed complaints against Sainsbury's and other supermarkets with the ASA and Trading Standards.

In March 2021, Scottish Salmon Watch reported that Mowi had moved the goalposts on ASC certification.

In other words, the industry-dominated ASC is moving the goalposts to allow more salmon farms to meet their ever weakening and widening salmon standard.

Greenwasher of the Year - Mowi & the ASC share the spoiled Scottish salmon!

Exposed: 40 Million+ Litres of Toxic Hydrogen Peroxide Used on ‘Responsibly Farmed’, RSPCA Assured & ‘Organic’ Scottish Salmon Since 2016!

1.8 Million Morts Reported on Scottish Fish Farms Already in 2022!

Revealed: 30+ Million Dead Scottish Salmon Since 2017 - over 8 million morts reported last year & over half a million in first two weeks of 2022!!

Mowi's Pure Bullshit (#1 in a regular series): "hardly any chemical treatments at all"

Complaint vs Ocado & Sainsbury's 'Organic' Scottish Salmon "Farmed Responsibly" by Mowi Filed with Trading & Advertising Standards

Open letter to the ASC: Please cancel all certification of Mowi's toxic Scottish salmon!

Mowi's 'Host' With the Most....Toxic Chemicals & Antibiotics (certified as "responsibly farmed" by the ASC)!

ASC cancel Mowi certifications due to exceedances of antibiotics use, escape & "administrative reasons"!

Greenwashing 'Sustainable' Salmon - how supermarkets brand themselves as "responsible" via ClientEarth!

Complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority Vs ‘Responsibly Farmed’ Mowi Scottish salmon as advertised by Tesco & Sainsbury’s

Complaint to the Competition & Markets Authority and Trading Standards Vs Supermarkets (Aldi, ASDA, Lidl, M&S, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Waitrose) for deceptive marketing of ‘Responsibly Farmed’ & ‘Responsibly Sourced’ Scottish Salmon

Anyone for Norwegian Salmon Marinaded in the Banned Neonicotinoid Imidacloprid (don't worry it's ASC-approved)?!

Mowi's 'Healthy' RSPCA Assured & ASC-Certified Salmon Farm at Gorsten (as featured in Seaspiracy)

Anyone for ASC-Certified Scottish Salmon Doused in Carcinogenic Formaldehyde?

ASC-Certified Shellfish Killers (not to mention seals, diseases, lice, pollution etc)

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