The 25 Best Vegan Food Products You Can Find at Kroger

The 25 Best Vegan Food Products You Can Find at Kroger

Few grocery stores have upped their vegan game like Kroger—and we’re not just talking fruits and vegetables here. In 2019, Kroger began expanding its Simple Truth plant-based line and since has launched more than 75 vegan products.

Granted, the Simple Truth plant-based products aren’t the only vegan options you’ll find at the store, as Kroger also stocks favorite vegan brands such as JUST Egg, Miyoko’s Creamery, and Tofurky. But in case you haven’t seen many of these plant-based offerings, take a look at what you can find at your local Kroger. The take-home? With major chains like Kroger jumping into the vegan playing field, being vegan—or even just looking for ways to eat fewer animals—is now easier than ever.

Whether you prefer turkey or ham on your sandwich, you’ll find both at your local Kroger. As part of its Simple Truth line, the chain currently carries Plant-Based Salt & Pepper Turkey Style Deli Slices and Plant-Based Black Forest Ham Style Deli Slices. 

If there’s ever a reason to rise and shine in the morning, this is it. Whip up these patties for your tofu scrambles or breakfast sandwiches. 

Whether you used to love chicken or beef or still have friends and family who do, you don’t have to decide. The new Emerge patties are available as vegan chicken patties, chicken ground meat, or beef patties. 

Because the dairy industry is perhaps one of the cruelest sectors of animal agriculture, we’re always glad to see another non-dairy cheese on the market. And like many of Kroger’s vegan products, this one’s more affordable than name-brand vegan options. 

This is a major score, as finding vegan cream cheese at a major grocery chain has been almost impossible until now. Be sure to stock up on bagels, too. 

Vegan mayonnaise can often be another tough-to-find option at popular grocery chains, but now you can pick up this spread at Kroger without having to make a trip to a specialty store. 

Chances are, if you’re like most cookie-dough fans, these won’t make it to the oven. Pro tip? Cut them in half before baking to get double the yield.    

Will you go for the Buffalo, Cilantro with Jalapeño, Spicy Queso, or Tzatziki flavor? So many options make it tough to decide. 

Don’t feel like making your own sauce from scratch? Kroger has you covered with this protein-rich sauce, which contains red beans and mushrooms (although if you have any mushroom haters at your table, they’ll never know). 

No more paying high prices for vegan chorizo! This version from Kroger is affordably priced and makes a great addition whenever you need to make a dish, such as tacos and burritos, a little more meaty and spicy.  

Here’s a surprising member of Kroger’s new plant-based line-up: dressing. This creamy ranch should not be limited to just salads—it can be drizzled on pizza, potatoes, and inside wraps, too.

Made from soy, these crumbles are perfect for anything that requires grounds—think tacos, pasta, and casseroles, for starters.    

This tofu isn’t only less expensive than other brands, it’s also organic, and it’s a great food to keep stocked in your fridge. If you don’t like extra firm, there are other textures in this line, too. 

Prefer soy milk over all the others? The good news is that Kroger offers soymilk that is organic to boot. 

Sour cream fans, dig your spoon into this vegan option. Its base is made from a unique combo of butter beans and oats, so you could almost consider it healthy.  

If you’re an almond milk fan and also opt for organic in most of your purchases, toss this staple milk into your cart. 

Oat milk fans, rejoice! Kroger hasn’t forgotten about you in its lineup of vegan options. 

Well hello, vegan chocolate chips! These are great to have on hand whenever you have the hankering to bake. 

Toss these sausages on the grill and show your non-vegan friends how almost every food—kielbasa included—has been veganized. 

Non-dairy yogurt fans have a new option, available not only in strawberry, but blueberry, vanilla, and mango flavors, too. 

Take your pick from cheddar or mozzarella. Vegan shreds are always great to keep in the fridge for almost anything.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream, and Kroger was apparently listening when it introduced these desserts. They come in flavors like Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt Caramel, Butter Pecan, and Chocolate. 

Looking to indulge in a delectable dessert? These dessert bars will satisfy any sweet tooth.

No need to do anything to prepare this—just eat it straight out of the container whenever you want a chocolate fix. 

Oat milk isn’t just for coffee. Turns out, Kroger has been churning oats into ice cream, rolling it out in flavors such as Maple Pecan, Strawberry Graham, and Sea Salt Caramel. 

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