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Wellness Teas · Organic Spa Magazine

When it comes to stress-relief and ailment-healing, a simple cup of tea can really help. 

For centuries, tea has been promoted as the most natural and calming life-hack to heal, balance, relax and strengthen the body. Tea culture first began back in ancient China around 2737 BC and has taken the world by mug ever since. The ancient Chinese were right! When you need to feel better and nurture your body, why not go for something that is good for the Earth and good for you? Now that we’re situated in one of the coldest and dullest months of the year, boosting immunity a mental wellbeing has never been more crucial.

If you’re not already a tea-advocate, you might wonder what makes this drink such a phenomenon across the globe. Tea lovers can attest to the fact that there’s definitely something to be said for this instant touchstone of calm. Aside from it’s centering properties, teas are healers first and foremost. Not only do they work to aid the immune system, they can also have immense positive effects on the digestive system, heart, and several neurological functions.

To reap the health benefits of tea, a long-term tea routine is the most important first step. No tea in the world can work miracles, but if made into a daily practice–perhaps swap out that afternoon coffee for a cup of tea?– it’s about as close to an overnight success as you can get. 

Here are some teas that do it all:

Lavender  When thinking of lavender, some of the first thoughts that come to mind often have to do with relaxation, deep sleeps, and stress relievers. One smell of a lavender essential oil or sip of a lavender infused tea can conquer anything having to do with anxious feelings or abrupt nerves, while also improving skin health and even soothing menstrual cramping.

Ginger & Chamomile This dynamic duo is the ultimate curative for anything having to do with indigestion or inflammation  Whether you indulged in a big meal and need to decompress, are feeling unexpected nausea, or are experiencing soreness and muscle pain, this mixture is the way to go. While ginger acts as nature’s anti-inflammatory, chamomile calms and relaxes the body. The Republic of Tea’s Get Protected USDA certified organic blend is perfect for adding some of those much-needed balancing antioxidants into everyone’s diet. Made of cinnamon, clove, throat-soothing eucalyptus, cleansing lemon, and rosemary, whether you have a cold or just want to stack the immunity-odds in your favor, this is the blend to try.

Adaptogens Adaptogenic herbs and plants like tulsi (holy basil), rhodiola and mushrooms are a category of plants that adapt to the body’s needs: they can ease stress, elevate energy or boost immunity, based on where you are in the moment. Traditional Medicinals Reishi Mushroom with Rooibos and Orange Peel USDA certified organic blend is earthy, with citrus notes, featuring reishi, known in Asia for 4,000 years as “the mushroom of immortality.”

Elderberry If you’ve heard about elderberry but aren’t entirely sure what this mysterious berry entails, you’re not alone. This super-fruit, once dried and ready to seep into your tea, is an example of a drink that only increases in benefits as time goes. It boosts immunity, increases blood sugar levels, and is high in nutrients and has plenty of antioxidants. The Republic of Tea’s Aronia Elderberry Rooibos SuperDigest Tea or Traditional Medicinals’ Echinacea Plus Elderberry USDA certified organic blends bring elderberry to the forefront in the best way.

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