Why I Launched A Business After My Daughter's Arthritis

Why I Launched A Business After My Daughter's Arthritis

If you or anyone in your family has ever struggled with aches and pains related to osteoarthritis, you’ve got to watch Kevin’s story here and read our interview with CBD advocate Dr. Michael Berry below…

The Chalkboard: Dr. Berry, in general, would you talk to us about why so many who suffer with arthritis are drawn to the benefits of CBD?

DB: Many osteoarthritis patients have benefited from Chil Wellness CBD products for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that it can be very helpful in reducing inflammation and pain.

The human body is rich with cannabinoid receptors. These receptors have a role in regulating multiple processes in the body including inflammation and pain. In our practice, topical application with CBD has shown to be helpful in the management of both our acute injury and chronic pain patients.

What’s the science around CBD and why can it be so helpful for this kind of pain?

DB::  Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition with acute flare ups. For people with chronic stress, pain and/or inflammation, using topical or oral CBD can help to make up the difference when their native endocannabinoids may not be able to keep up.

When it comes to CBD research, it’s impossible not to mention the oft-cited 2016 study published in the prestigious European Journal of Pain (1). Researchers at Harvard Medical School (2) agreed this study strongly suggests topical CBD use could help reduce joint inflammation. Recent research out of Germany (3) also suggests CBD could increase the production of a natural anti-inflammatory compound known as anandamide.

It’s great to see that Chil supports the Arthritis Foundation. How has the arthritis community of patients and practitioners responded to the CBD products now available?

DB:  Osteoarthritis(OA) is a degenerative condition that can affect various joints of the body. OA causes inflammation, pain and reactive muscle guarding that can make life very uncomfortable.

CBD is quickly becoming a great tool in helping with the management of these conditions. Here is a great paper on the Systematic review of the science revolving around cannabinoids (4).

TCM: Even for those of us who suffer less severe inflammation, like post-workout aches and pains, CBD can be a great resource. Can you unpack which CBD topical to use when?

The salve Aspen’s maximum relief salve is one of my favorites. Easy to use, easy to control the amount you use, plus the texture and consistency works very well as a little bit goes a long way!

It’s the combination of the full spectrum Nano CBD, the magnesium (a natural muscle relaxant), Arnica (another natural anti-inflammatory) and the other organic botanicals, it’s really a complete formulation.

The roll-on is lighter and the formulation is transparent making it favorable for on-the-go applications, especially if you don’t want your clothes to touch the product after application.

The balmis the marriage of the Roll-on and the Salve. I think it works really well in the sports environment or to have in the gym bag. It has the ease-of-use as the roll-on, but the thicker consistency like the salve.

The benefit of the balm is you get that thicker consistency without having to touch the product to apply it. So if you are playing a sport this can be extremely convenient, especially during a game or practice.

The Pro-strength Pain and Recovery Lotion is my absolute favorite, we use it in the clinical setting. It’s Bio-nano, full spectrum with 3,750mg CBD in a 5oz bottle and works great for working out knots in the muscles, release techniques for the fascia, muscles and joints.

Our massage therapists use the Chil Lotion in conjunction with their treatments as well. We add the lotion with our ultrasound gel when doing therapeutic ultrasounds on our patients. It really drives the CBD deep into the injury, providing great localized anti-inflammatory and pain reduction benefits.

TCM: Lastly, you recommend taking the tincture and the topicals for pain. Can you explain?

DB:  The tinctures and topicals work well together because they help the body regulate the pain and inflammation both internally and externally. One can apply the topical CBD to the localized area of inflammation/pain and take the tincture so that it has a more global effect on the body.

Do you have any questions for Dr. Berry about CBD, pain and inflammation? Ask away. We love sharing about our favorite solutions for everyday wellness issues. Shop Chil Wellness’ natural CBD products with code CHILCHALK20 to get 20% off tinctures and topicals!

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