Why Should You Switch To Natural Skincare and Beauty Products?

Why Should You Switch To Natural Skincare and Beauty Products?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to switch from conventional beauty products to natural skincare. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience buying commercially-available beauty products online or found them irritating or ineffective. You may feel your values don’t match up to conventional beauty brands, or you could be interested in natural vegan or organic beauty products. 

Natural hair and beauty products can match conventional products in efficacy and work better with your skin and the environment. At Planet Organic, you cansearch our natural skincare and beauty shopfor incredible natural skincare brands such as Fushi, Dr Bronner, Dr Hauschka and REN. We stock natural beauty products that are vegan, organic and plastic free too. 

What is the difference between natural, organic, vegan and conventional beauty products? 

At Planet Organic, natural skincare products are free from conventional chemical ingredients like silicone, mineral oil, dyes, parabens, or synthetic fragrance. Instead, the products we stock use clean, naturally-derived alternatives.

Our organic beauty products also use ingredients that are certified by one of the internationally recognised organic certifying bodies, such as the Soil Association. 

Our vegan beauty products only use plant-based ingredients and do not contain substances of animal origin. Remember, not all natural or organic beauty products are vegan – they may contain animal by-products such as beeswax and lanolin, so always check the label or use the ‘vegan’ filter under ‘Dietary & Lifestyle’ on our website.

There is no strict definition of a natural health and beauty products, so a ‘natural’ product isn’t necessarily better for you. It’s best to research natural skincare brands and look out for trusted certifying labels so you can be informed about the products you’re buying–as well as the skincare conditions you could be treating.

We believe we stock the best selection of natural skincare products. Our buyers define a natural product where the majority of ingredients are naturally derived, where no endangered plant species or GMO ingredients have been used, and all non-natural ingredients necessary to keep the product fresh or functioning, would meet strict standards and ‘green chemistry' principles. 

For some, and certainly for us, meeting these strict standards makes natural beauty products better. By reducing the amount of potentially harmful ingredients that could be absorbed through the skin and by using manufacturing practices that are clean and respectful of our environment, natural beauty products can have a positive impact on both our health and our planet.

How do I switch to all natural products? 

You don’t have to switch to natural cosmetic companies or organic beauty products overnight, unless you’re using a product that’s irritating your skin. Plan to switchin stages, to avoid unnecessary stress and wastage, and to help you stick to your budget.

Replace products as you use them up, starting with deodorant, toothpaste, shower gel and moisturiser. Consider trialling different formulas and brands until you find one that suits you and your skin. Patience and consistency are always key to switching between products. 

It’s also important to research natural skincare brands and products – there might be certain scents or ingredients you like, you might like the ethos of certain brands, or you might want to research the best natural organic beauty products. Read on to learn more about our favourite natural brands, including Beauty Kitchen, Sukin and Evolve Beauty, who are working to have all their products certified organic.

Dr Hauschka is an iconic, globally recognised brand that continues to set standards for certified organic and natural skincare. Their products, made from bio-dynamic plant ingredients, are scientifically proven to deliver promised results.

Sukin skincare is an Australian brand, focusing on natural, affordable beauty products that are kind to your skin and the environment.The Sukin range is vegan, carbon neutral, cruelty free and does not contain ingredients such as parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Sukin products also come in recycled packaging.

Beauty Kitchen is a brilliant British skincare brand, well known for their natural formulas and eco values. Almost all their product packaging (featuring the ‘Return Refill Repeat’ stamp) can be sent back to them, which they wash and reuse for the next batch. Beauty Kitchen have a great brand mission – to reduce plastic pollution and challenge the status quo of the beauty packaging.

Antipodes skincare hails from New Zealand and uses pollution-free, results-driven native ingredients in its vegan, certified organic skincare range. Antipodes’ award-winning clean formulas and sustainable ethos have secured the brand a global reputation.

Evolve Beauty is the first Plastic Negative beauty brand based in the UK, which means they remove twice as much plastic from the environment as they use in their packaging and shipping. All their products are vegan and lovingly handmade in small batches in Hertfordshire. The highly effective product formulations use

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