7 Simple Ways To Become A Morning Person – Merry of August

7 Simple Ways To Become A Morning Person – Merry of August

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Night watchers, it’s time to become a morning person, and actually love the heck out of this thing.

I used to get up early even as a child. I arrived at school before 7:00 a.m. and had morning classes at the university. My workday begins at 9:00 a.m. I work on the translation project first then continue with the blogging task. Therefore, I need to become a morning person if I want to balance two jobs in a day.

I’m a night owl but also a morning person. When I was in junior high, I had this night owl habit. And I have to get up early in order to clean the house and begin my morning routine. As an adult, I’ve learnt that two things are important for living a healthy lifestyle: being a morning person and genuinely enjoying it!

Your weekly schedule may be filled with business meetings and doctor’s appointments, but start writing down things you’re looking forward to all week. Respect those “appointments” as you would any other item on your schedule since they are equally important.

Every day, plan at least one activity you’re looking forward to, whether it’s after-work drinks with coworkers, a fun painting class, or a packed lunch you’re very happy to eat. Don’t go through every day following the same routine and to-do lists. The simplest way to become a morning person: Give yourself a reason to get out of bed.

A restless mind refuses to sleep on time. It prefers to stay up late, worrying about troubling thoughts that shouldn’t be allowed in at night. If you’re a freelancer, creating a bedtime routine is a super-healthy habit, not to mention a must-do for all self-care lovers out there.

It creates an ambiance that helps you to unwind and think peacefully. Finally, going to bed after a nourishing treatment allows you to wake up on time. Proper skincare, journaling, relaxing music, scented candles, and reading are some activities you can add into your night routine.

As a night owl, I’ve found that 12:00 a.m. is my ideal bedtime. This, however, may not satisfy you. Train yourself to sleep until 12 a.m. and then wake up at 7 or 8 a.m. It’s still better than sleeping at 4 a.m.

As a translator, I don’t get much sleep during the day because I work till 5 p.m. Napping during the day may cause a lack of sleep after bedtime. Napping during the day is not suggested, especially for persons who have difficulty sleeping at night. Hence, all you night owls out there, avoid midday naps.

Putting your thoughts to bed does not imply that you will wake up on time. You must dangle a carrot in front of your night-loving mind to entice it to wake up on time. To put it another way, give yourself a reason to get up early.

Write a note of everything you do in the morning that makes you unhappy. Is there any way you could complete these things the night before or at least do some prep work so they take less time the next day? Make your lunch, clean the kitchen, and put out your outfit before you go to bed. Make every effort to wake up every morning feeling prepared, peaceful, and ready for the day.

Some tips for a glowing morning routine are make your bed, drink a cup of coffee or tea, take a small walk in the nature, take a shower and get dressed, and have a protein-rick breakfast.

Set no alarms on your phone. You’re just going to push the pause button and go back to sleep. Instead, get a loud alarm clock and place it across the room from you. You won’t be able to turn it off in your half-asleep state if it goes off in the morning.

You’ll have to get out of bed and stroll toward it like a zombie. When you switch it off, the loud screech should have penetrated your sleep-induced brain and awakened you. And our following advice will help you avoid rolling back to sleep despite all the noise.

When your alarm goes off, the first thing you should do is open your curtains or blinds so you can get some light. Sunlight is more than just a cheerful way to start the day. It is a physiological requirement to awaken and feel energized.

According to Sleep Advisor, sunlight tells the body to suppress melatonin, the chemical that makes us fall asleep. In other words, natural light alerts your body to the fact that it is time to wake up even more effectively than a cup of coffee can. If you’re waking up before the sun or don’t have access to natural light first thing in the morning, consider a sunrise-inspired wake-up light alarm clock. People, take “rise and shine” literally!

Are you a morning person or a night owl? What tips you’ve tried here to become a morning person? Share your experience below.

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